Mojito Recipe

1. Brief description

The mojito cocktail that represents Cuba and is said to be Hemingway’s favorite. It is not known exactly when and by whom it was actually made, and it is said that Hemingway enjoyed it at La Bodeguita, a bar in Havana, Cuba, but that was not the case. Still, the Mojito, a romantic cocktail that represents Cuba and that Hemingway would have liked, is the most popular cocktail in England and France.

2. Cooking ingredients(2 servings, 10 minutes)

20ml lime juice, 1 lime, 45ml rum, 75g carbonated water, 30g sugar (2T), 1 handful apple mint, appropriate amount of ice, You can also add lemon if you like.

3. How to cook

Step 1. Clean the lime and cut it in half for easy juicing.

Step 2. Put the lime juice and sugar in a glass and mix well.

Step 3. Add the apple mint, some of which is slightly mashed for flavor.

Step 4. Add rum to the glass with lime juice and mint.

Step 5. Add ice, fill a glass with carbonated water, and mix well.

Step 6. Cut the lime into 3mm thick cubes.(You can add lemon if you like.)

4. cooking tips

If you use gold rum instead of white rum, or add brown sugar instead of white sugar, you get a brownish dirty mojito.
If you want to enjoy non-alcoholic, use non-alcoholic rum, sparkling water, or lemonade instead of rum to make a virgin mojito.

Enjoy the romance of the Caribbean with a mojito.