Japchae Recipe (Korean Stir-fried Glass Noodles and Vegetables)

1. Brief description

Japchae is boiled sweet potato vermicelli, beef, carrots, onions, mushrooms and spinach stir-fry and then with soy sauce. Korean Japchae is a food enjoyed by many people around the world because it emphasizes the balance of color and nutrition and the seasoning is not stimulating. In Korea, it is an indispensable food for traditional feasts and holidays.

2. Cooking ingredients(2 servings)

50g beef (eye of round and a low-fat area), 50g carrot, 50g sweet potato vermicelli, 2 mushrooms, 1/2 onion, 15ml (1T) soy sauce, 7.5g (1/2T) sugar, sesame oil, minced green onion, minced garlic 15g (1T), sugar 7.5g (1/2T), sesame 7.5g (1/2T), other vegetables(spinach, paprika, zucchini, etc.).

3. How to cook

Step 1. Prepare low-fat beef(ex. eye of round and a low-fat area) and shred it thinly. Wash the mushrooms, remove the pillars, press lightly to squeeze out the water, and then shred.

Step 2. Mix 15ml (1T) of soy sauce, 7.5g (1/2T) of sugar, 15g (1T) of minced garlic, a little sesame oil, 10g (2t) of minced green onion, and a little pepper powder to make a meat seasoning.

Step 3. Put ingredients from Step 1 and Step 2 in a lightly oiled pan, stir-fry, and cool them on a plate.

Step 4. Grease a heated pan with cooking oil, stir-fry various vegetables (onions, carrots, spinach, paprika, zucchini, etc.) and cool them on a plate.

Step 5. Pour plenty of water into the pot and boil it with sweet potato noodles when the water boils. When the sweet potato noodles are boiled transparently, drain them completely through a sieve and cut them into appropriate lengths. Mix together with japchae sauce (add 15ml of soy sauce, 15ml of sesame oil, 7.5g of sugar, 7.5g of sesame seeds, and a little bit of black pepper).

Step 6. Mix the ingredients of Step 3, 4, 5 together to complete the japchae. And sprinkle with sesame seeds. If it’s not seasoned, season it with soy sauce.

4. cooking tips

If you mix the boiled sweet potato noodles with sesame oil, the sweet potato noodles do not stick together. If you bake egg whites and yolks separately, cut them in a thin straight line and place them on top of japchae, the color becomes brighter.