Crème brûlée Recipe (creme brulee, burnt cream)

1. Brief description

Creme brulee is a French dessert made by placing custard cream in a small bowl, topped with sugar, and then melted sugar. It’s a simple dish with the softness of custard cream and the taste of caramelized crispy bittersweet sugar, but you need to stick to the basics to enjoy the true taste.

2. Cooking ingredients(8 pieces)

6 egg yolks, fresh cream 470g (2cup), milk 240g (1cup), (cooking) sugar 90g (6T), (for caramel topping) 120g (8T) , vanilla extract 5g (1t)

3. How to cook

Step 1. Mix whipped cream, milk, and vanilla extract in a saucepan and heat it over a fire.

Step 2. Add egg yolk and (cooking) sugar to the fire and mix, pour the ingredients completed in Step 1. little by little and mix.

Step 3. Divide the dough into ramekins or small porcelain bowls.

Step 4. Pour 2-3cm of hot water into the oven pan, add the ingredients of Step 3., and bake in an oven preheated to 160°C for 30-40 minutes.

Step 5. Bake in the oven and let cool.

Step 6. Sprinkle 15g (1T) of sugar (for caramel topping) per cream brulee, melt the sugar with a torch, and harden.

4. cooking tips

You can make it in advance for a party or a special day and keep it in the refrigerator, sprinkle with sugar just before eating and bake it with a torch to enjoy a crispier texture.

You can simply enjoy it in its basic form, but you can also enjoy the visual and taste together by adding fruit toppings, whipped cream, herb, cinnamon powder, and cinnamon sticks.