Avocado ice cream Recipe

1. Brief description

Avocado ice cream is similar in pronunciation to affogato, an ice cream made from coffee, but is made from a fruit called avocado, which is grown in California, Central and South America. It may be misunderstood as green tea ice cream because it is pretty green, but avocado ice cream has a lighter green color than green tea ice cream. Unlike general ice cream that uses a lot of milk fat, green avocado ice cream, which has a visually beautiful and warm feeling, has a unique vegetable fat taste added to it, so you can enjoy a more natural savory taste.

2. Cooking ingredients(3~4 servings)

2 avocados, 400ml milk (or 365ml low-fat milk, 35ml fresh cream), 60g sugar, 1T lime juice, 1/3t salt

garnish : Nuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnut, etc., berries, herb leaves (mint leaves, etc.), etc.

3. How to cook

Step 1. Separate the skin and seed from the avocado.

Step 2. Combine avocado, milk, sugar, lime juice, and salt in a blender and blend well.

Step 3. Put the ingredients from Step 2. in a bowl.

Step 4. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a lid and place in the freezer for 4-5 hours.

Step 5. Scoop the desired amount into a bowl and garnish with some nuts and herb leaves (mint leaves, etc.).

4. cooking tips

It contains less milk fat, so you can eat it healthily.

Reduce sugar and add more lime juice or lemon juice to increase freshness and reduce sugar intake.

If you add finely chopped avocado pulp, you can enjoy a more nutty taste and a different texture.

If you want another sweetness, you can add a little chocolate syrup.