Tamagoyaki Recipe

1. Brief description

Tamagoyaki is a typical Japanese-style grilled egg dish in which an egg is mixed with various other ingredients and rolled up thickly. It has a light and soft taste. Although it is simple, the taste changes depending on the skill of the chef, so this dish can measure the basic skill of the chef.

2. Cooking ingredients(2 servings, 20minutes)

6 eggs, 20g white sugar, 1 dried kelp (5X10cm), 10g bonito flakes (katsuobushi), 10g salt, 20ml cooking wine, 100g radish, 30ml soy sauce, some vegetables for decoration

necessary tools
Fried egg frying pan (square pan), 1 sheet of kitchen paper, grater, fine sieve, bamboo mat for rolling out (not required)

3. How to cook

Step 1. Put the kelp wiped with a dishcloth and cold water into the pot. When it starts to boil, remove the kelp, turn off the heat, and add the bonito flakes. When the katsuobushi settles after 10 minutes, filter it with a cotton cloth to make the broth.

Step 2. Beat the eggs and stir well so that there are no bubbles, then mix the broth (20ml), salt, sugar, and cooking wine (30ml). Then, sieve and prepare egg water.

Step 3. Put enough cooking oil in a square frying pan, heat it on low heat and pour the oil out of the pan.

Step 4. Scoop 1/2 cup of egg water with a ladle in the square frying pan of Step 3. and spread it evenly about 1/2. Then, when the egg water is half cooked, lift the frying pan head and gently pull it toward the handle to roll the egg.

Step 5. Push the rolled egg back and repeat the pouring of the egg water 5 times to make it rolled up to a height of about 2.5cm.

Step 6. Wrap the rolled egg with a bamboo mat for rolling out, shape it, and then cut it into 1cm thick pieces.

Step 7. Grind the radish on a grater, wrap it in a cotton cloth, and rinse it several times in cold water. After rinsing, drain the water and place on a plate as it is. Alternatively, you can put it on another plate and use it as a dipping sauce with a little soy sauce.

Step 8. Place vegetables for decoration on a plate and place tamagoyaki on top.

4. cooking tips

When making egg water, be sure to filter it through a fine sieve so that there are no bubbles when baked and the color is beautiful. Heat a square frying pan sufficiently and pour enough cooking oil to prevent the egg from sticking. If you use bamboo mat for rolling out, the shape and size are consistent and look good.