Omelette Recipe

1. Brief description

French egg dish. As it is a dish that can be made with just two or three eggs, you can add ingredients according to your taste. The omelette is beautiful if you make it for each person.

2. Estimated cooking time(1 servings)

10 minutes to prepare ingredients, 15 minutes to cook

3. Cooking ingredients(1 servings)

2~3 eggs, heavy cream 15ml(1T) or milk 50ml, butter 15ml(1T), salt 5ml(1t), tomato Sauce or tomato Ketchup, a little black pepper, mushrooms, cheese, ham, etc. can be added if you like.

4. How to prepare ingredients

chapter 1. Eggs separate yolks and whites. Add heavy cream, milk, black pepper powder, and butter to the yolk and mix. Beat the whites well until little foamy, then mix with the yolks.

chapter 2. You can add cheese, ham, tomatoes, etc. according to your preference.

5. How to cook

Step 1. Pan is hot, add oil and pour in the beaten eggs.

Step 2. Eggs are little well cooked, fold it once from both sides to make a three-fold shape, then turn it over to cook the back side as well.

Step 3. Eggs are well cooked, place them on a plate and drizzle with tomato sauce or tomato ketchup.

6. cooking tips

French omelettes should be made fluffy and soft rather than fully cooked.