Lemonade, limãonade (Brazilian Limeade) Recipe

1. Brief description

Brazilian lemonade isn’t actually made from lemons. So why is it called Lemonade? In Portuguese, ‘limão’ (sounds like lemon) means ‘lime’. Since the pronunciation of ‘lime’ in Portuguese and ‘lemon’ in English are similar, if you pronounce it as lemonade in Brazil and order it, you will get limeade.

It is a popular drink in Brazil that combines the refreshing taste of lime, the softness of condensed milk, the sweetness of sugar, and the coolness of ice.

2. Cooking ingredients(1 glass)

1 lime, 1 and 3/4 cup water, 2T condensed milk, 3T sugar, ice cube or ice slush, Mint or herb leaves or lime slices for garnish

You can also use lime juice instead of lime.

3. How to cook

Step 1. Blanch limes in boiling water or rub with baking soda to remove any wax or dirt on the outside.

Step 2. Cut the lime into bite-sized pieces that fit in the blender.

Step 3. Put lime, sugar, water, and condensed milk in a blender and blend.

Step 4. Strain the ingredients from 3. through a sieve to filter out only the lime juice.

Step 5. Pour the ingredients from Step 4. into a glass and fill it with ice cubes or ice slush.

Step 6. Garnish with mint or herb leaves or lime slices.

4. cooking tips

If you like lime pulp, you don’t need to strain it.

Adjust the amount of sweetness and ice according to your taste.

If you mix a little bit of guarana fruit juice that contains caffeine, you can use it as a substitute for coffee.