Cha Zio(Chả giò, Vietnamese Fried Dumplings) Recipe

1. Brief description

Coffee is not a traditional drink in Vietnam. During the French colonial period, the French introduced coffee culture to Vietnam, and naturally, knowing that Vietnam’s climate and soil were suitable for coffee cultivation, they began to grow a lot of coffee. Now a days Vietnam became the second largest coffee producing country in the world.

However, Robusta coffee bean, which is widely cultivated in Vietnam, has a rather strong bitter taste, so make sweet condensed milk is often added to neutralize this taste. If you add coconut milk here to add a soft taste, and cool ice because of the hot weather in Vietnam, it becomes a delicious Vietnamese coconut coffee.

2. Cooking ingredients(2 cup)

1/2 cup coffee, 1/2 cup condensed milk, 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup ice

3. How to cook

Step 1. Brew the coffee and let it cool.

Step 2. Place ice, condensed milk, and coconut milk in a blender and grind finely.

Step 3. Put the ingredients from Step 2. in a cup, and pour the coffee from Step 1.

4. cooking tips

Robusta, a Vietnamese coffee variety, has a strong bitter taste, so sweet condensed milk is used to control the bitter taste.

In addition, since the Robusta coffee variety is relatively high in caffeine, caffeine-sensitive individuals are advised to adjust the amount of coffee added.

You don’t have to use Vietnamese coffee, you can use regular coffee. However, since regular coffee does not have a strong bitter taste, it is recommended to add a little less condensed milk.